Charlotte NC, USA
October 06-09, 2019

Workshop on AI for Smart Cities

by Arun Ravindran, Hamed Tabkhivayghan and Doug Shoemaker, UNC Charlotte
Date: Oct-09-2019
Venue: UNC Charlotte Uptown Campus
Download:  Workshop Agenda tentative


The objective of the symposium is to bring together researchers, academics, city planners, and engineers at a common venue to review the current and future of recently emerging Artificial Intelligence and Edge computing technologies for realizing Smart Cities. In particular, we would like to show case ongoing research projects that use AI and Edge computing in smart cities, as well as highlight issues and technologies that need to be solved to fully realize smart city vision.

target audience

Our target audience include researchers, students, city planners, government agencies


Registration is $15 and will be processed through EDAS. Follow registration link under authors/attendees menu on the website.

conference program

 conference program

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