Charlotte NC, USA
October 06-09, 2019

call for papers

Along with achieving its primary goal HONET has been phenomenal in attracting quality research papers from around the world. The conference has been successful in gradually emerging as a focal point for research that targets local and global issues related to science and technology. The 16th International Conference HONET-ICT 2019 will focus on Research and Development and use of information & communication technology for making Smart Cities a reality. Specifically, role of IoT and AI, data analytics, and intelligent energy & transportation systems in conjunction with ICT will be explored in the technical sessions. As with the previous HONET events, we are expecting papers in the above-mentioned thematic areas and related emerging and enabling technologies. The conference will be held at UNC Charlotte, NC with collaboration of NUST (National University of Science and Technology) Islamabad, Pakistan.


Authors are invited to submit R&D and concept papers presenting original research work related to the practice and theory related to the scope of HONET-ICT thematic areas. Related proposals for Workshops and Tutorials will be considered. All submissions must describe original and pertinent research, development, and future vision. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to the ones shown below.

These topics should be discussed in terms of research findings, concepts, state-of-the-art, standards, implementations, developments, field trials/experiments, educational goals, and new applications. Submitted or substantially similar papers must not be under review currently for any other publication.

extended versions:

Like in the past, selected papers will be encouraged to be submitted for consideration of publication in the special issues of high quality journals, such as IEEE Photonics and Elsevier International Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering. The conference is coordinating a similar arrangement this year as well.


1- Role of ICT in enabling the future of Smart Cities
2- AI for enhancing the capabilities of Smart Cities
3- IoT for realizing the dream of Smart Cities
4- Computer and Communication Networks
- Wireless Networks
- Photonic Networks
- 5G Communication and beyond
- Software Defined Networks (SDN)
- Network Security and Forensic Analysis
5- Cloud Computing
- Big Data Analytics
- Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
- Datacenter Storage
- Virtual Networks
6- Enabling Technologies
- Robotics & Automation
- Autonomous Vehicles and Charging Technologies
- Vehicle-to-everything (V2X)
- ICT for Healthcare Applications
- LEDs, Lasers and Solar Cells and Panels
- Micro-grid Analytics and Management
- Smart Grid and Smart Cities

Paper submissions will be handled via EDAS. See Author Instructions for more details on submission.

Important dates

important dates

Important dates